Rewards here at Unsworth Academy are extremely important as we believe that positive relationships and praise build the outstanding relationships needed to make outstanding progress for learners. 

We reward daily, weekly, half termly, termly and annually using the systems below. 

Our school system is based around daily rewards through the ACE point system: 

What do they mean? 

What do we use them for? 


For reaching a class target or grade. 

Good use of literacy or numeracy in class discussions or written work. 

An outstanding piece of schoolwork or homework. 

Any other academic related success. 


Being a good citizen. 

Attendance to enrichment opportunities. 

Volunteering at school events. 

Excellence in the community. 


100% effort or commitment to an activity. 

Exceeding expectations at any time. 

Outstanding attitude and behaviour. 


Most Valuable Pupil (MVP) points are awarded every lesson as well. They are for working towards the school's values below. 

  1. Be excellent 
  2. Be organised 
  3. Be resilient 
  4. Be kind 
  5. Be inclusive 
  6. Be moral 

Weekly Rewards include: 

  • Phone calls to parents and carers 
  • Friday phone call from the Pastoral Manager 
  • Post cards sent home 
  • Weekly form breakfasts  
  • Best attendance trophy 
  • Most MVP’s in each form weekly receive a treat from the gift bag 

Half termly/Termly Rewards include: 

  • Achievement assemblies at the end of each half term to include rewards for each individual subject areas with gift vouchers and certificates
  • Attendance rewards for 100% attendance and most improved learners
  • Golden ticket draw for exceptional and above and beyond accomplishments
  • Headteachers Award with Mr Fair
  • Cinema afternoon experiences
  • Trips to Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Chester, Zoo, Bowling and Cinema