In Autumn 2022, we provided all learners with an iPad for them to use during their five years at Unsworth Academy. 

The aim of the digital strategy is to enhance teaching and learning by providing a wealth of digital resources for staff and learners to use as part of their curriculum. Learners develop digital skills that are vital for life after school as they continue with their education and join the world of work. The use of digital technology also encourages independence and provides access to countless revision and intervention sites to support study out of the classroom.  

We also wanted to ensure that any barriers to learning were removed for learners who may not have devices to do their homework and for those who need accessibility arrangements to support their learning. 

So far, the digital strategy has been a great success. It has not replaced quality first teaching but allows staff to be dynamic in the classroom and share resources in an engaging and effective way.  

Apps that are commonly used in school include: