February 2017

Castlebrook High School joins the Shaw Education Trust

Castlebrook becomes the first Bury High School to academise.

September 2017

New Leadership Team Begin

School embarks on a process of rapid school improvement. The areas for improvement from the previous inadequate OFSTED report are key areas of focus.

September 2019

Castlebrook High School becomes Unsworth Academy

This involves a new school building, a new uniform, new website and a complete rebrand.

November 2019

“Good” OFSTED Secured

In the first full school inspection since academisation, Unsworth Academy is judged to be “Good” in all areas.

February 2020

Start of the COVID Pandemic

Unsworth Academy Strives to continue momentum and development. Digital capabilities improve rapidly to provide remote learning.

September 2021

3 Year “Good to Outstanding” Action Plan Commences

Drive to further improve all aspects of provision.

August 2022

Record Achievement in GCSE’s

The actions of year 1 of the “Good to Outstanding” plan culminate in record breaking year 11 attainment and progress.

September 2022

New Modular Block Opens

Improvements in provision cause an increase in student number, making classroom extensions necessary.

October 2022

Digital Technologies Advance Further

All learners are provided with and iPad to launch year 2 of the “Good to Outstanding” plan.

August 2023

More success at GCSE

The actions of year 2 of the "Good to Outstanding" plan culminate in excellent above national average year 11 results. 

September 2023

Vision, Culture and Values launch

Following consultation with all stakeholders, a new Vision, Culture and Values framework is launched. The ethos of the school is defined and displayed.