The following code of conduct has been put together to uphold the aims of the PE department at Unsworth Academy and to protect all players, referees and spectators involved in the playing of any sport regardless of whether it is in league games, friendlies or practices.

Each individual is accountable for his/her own actions. Whether playing, watching, or refereeing a match, it is each learner’s personal responsibility to treat all other players; opposition players; teachers, spectators and the referees/umpires with respect before, during and after a match.

Expected minimum standards of behaviour and conduct shall be:

  • Learners should respect the spirit of fair play. This is more than playing within the rules. It also incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always taking part with the right spirit and attitude.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of such individuals as referees/umpires; organisers; teachers; players and spectators.
  • Learners must accept victory and defeat with dignity and set a positive example for others, especially younger learners and spectators.
  • Learners must ensure that they protect all involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and any threatening or intimidating behaviour.
  • Use of foul, sexist, abusive, racist or any prejudicial language will not be tolerated and will result in being dropped from any team for the foreseeable future.
  • All learners are expected to shake hands with opposition players and the referees/umpires before and after a match to show respect as they are representing the school as an ambassador for sport.