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School Council

School Council Structure

At Unsworth Academy we belive all members of our community should have a voice especially our learners. Our School Council structure allows learners to have a real say in issues that effect them and enables them to improve our school. During the election process learners develop their understading of democracy, a key British value, seeing it action and taking part.
To enable a clear flow of information we have established several key layers in our School council structure:

Form Leaders

Each form group has two form leaders who represent their form. Learners put forward their manifesto and were democratically elected to represent their form group at year council meetings.

Year Councils

Each year group has it’s own council to look at issues both specific to their year group or regarding the whole school. Each Year council have democratically elected 2 learners to represent their year group at school council meetings.

School Council

The Unsworth Academy School Council is made up of learners from all year groups who have been democratically elected to sit on the school council alongside our Senior Student Leaders. All learners bring issues and ideas from their year group meetings for discussion deciding on suitable solutions.

GCSE Results 2020


Entering EBacc

EBacc Average Points Score


Grade 5 or above in English & Maths GCSE


Maths 4+ (Standard Pass)

Progress 8 Score

Attainment 8 Score


% Staying in Education or Entering Employment


English 4+ (Standard Pass)

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Location: Unsworth Academy, Parr Lane, Bury. BL9 8LP

Telephone: 0161 796 9820

Email: information@unsworth.shaw-education.org.uk

For general enquiries please ask for Miss Charlotte Allen, Operations Manager

Privacy Policy (excerpt)

Unsworth Academy collects a lot of data and information about our pupils so that we can run effectively as a school.  This privacy notice explains how and why we collect pupils’ data, what we do with it and what rights parents and pupils have. 

Unsworth Academy is an academy within the Shaw Education Trust (“the Trust”), a multi academy trust with 10 academies. The Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee (registration number 09067175) whose registered office is Shaw Education Trust Head Office, Kidsgrove Secondary School, Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove, ST7 4DL. The Trust is the Data Controller for all the academies within the Trust. 

The Data Protection Officer for the Trust is Natalie Kennedy, natalie.kennedy@shaw-education.org.uk.   


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