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Attendance Expectations

Unsworth Academy’s individual target for attendance is 100% Government minimum expectations for attendance is 95%.

The school expects all our pupils to attend all day every day, achieving 100% attendance. Should you child’s attendance drop to 95% attendance in ONE SCHOOL YEAR ALONE your child will miss 9 school days and at least 45 hours worth of lessons. Recent research shows there is a positive correlation between attendance and achievement so 95% equates to dropping at least half a GCSE grade. 90% attendance equates to 19 days lost, at least 95 hours worth of lessons and a drop by at least one whole GCSE grade.

Please keep checking your child’s termly report on which their current attendance is shown . If your child has medical appointments try, whenever possible to attend mid morning clinics so your child can attend the am reg and then return to school and gain their afternoon mark, therefore
not affecting their attendance.

Use the chart below to keep track of your child’s overall percentage. Attendance % for a year Days absent Hours of lessons missed.

Attendance % for a yearDays absentHours of lessons missed

Parental Support for School Attendance

To ensure my child’s attendance remains over 97%, I will:

  • Make sure my child understands why attendance is important.
  • Prepare anything my child needs for school so that they can leave for school on time.
  • Try to avoid any leave of absence in term time.

  • Make sure my child is in bed at a reasonable time and the alarm clock is set early enough to arrive at school on time.
  • Contact the school if ever my child can genuinely not attend.

  • Send my child to school even with mild illnesses, but will ask for a check on progress throughout the day.
  • Always try to arrange set medical and dental appointments for weekdays after school.

  • Find a relative, friend or neighbour who can take my child to school if I can’t make it or if he/she missed the bus.

  • Support my child to find out how he/she can make up missed schoolwork, if my child has been absent.

  • Never prevent my child from attending school unless there is a valid reason.

  • Notify school if I feel my child is struggling with any subject, staff member or has difficulties with other learners.

If my child has previously had attendance difficulties:

  • Ask for help from school if I think my child may be truanting or appears to be having difficulties that may stop him/her attending.
  • Ask for help from school if I am having difficulties which mean my child is not responding to requests to help him/her attend school on time.

The Home-School Agreement

As a parent/carer we agree to:

  • Ensure school has up to date contact details which must include: home address, named contact with telephone numbers, second and third named contact with telephone numbers and email address.
  • Ensure our child attends school every school day, on time and with all the correct equipment so that they are “Ready to Learn”.
  • Support school in ensuring our child’s behaviour and attitude does not conflict with the school’s aims and values.
  • Ensure our child follows the school’s rules with regard to uniform, footwear, jewellery and hairstyles.
  • Support our child by attending all parents’ evenings, support evenings and other meetings as requested, even if this may cause some inconvenience.
  • Celebrate our child’s progress and achievements.
  • Check “Show My Homework” regularly and encourage my child to complete all homework set to the best of their ability.
  • Inform the school by 9:00 am at the latest if our child is unable to attend that day (lines are open from 8.30 am each day).
  • Support all the school’s policies, as advised on the school website.
  • The school taking photographs of our child in order to celebrate success and promote the school activities in newsletters, websites, newspapers, school prospectus and other promotional materials.
  • Ensure my child understands that they cannot use their mobile phone in school*
  • Ensure that any contact I wish to make with my child during the school day must be via the school office – either by telephone or face to face.
  • Use social media to comment or post positively about the school. In the event of any offensive or inappropriate comments being made on social media, the school will ask the parent/carer to remove the post and insist they come into school to discuss the issues in person. Any grievances must not be aired through social media. They must go through the school‟s complaints procedure accessible via the school website or the school office.

I, the learner, agree to:

  • Follow the school’s “Five Respects”:
    Speak respectfully – Behave respectfully – Respect the school environment – Have respect for my own learning – Have respect for the learning of others.
  • Attend school every school day, on time, with the correct equipment and uniform.
  • Arrive promptly to form time and all lessons throughout the school day and challenge myself to try my best in every lesson.
  • Use “Show My Homework” to complete all homework set to the best of my ability.
  • Respect the right of the teachers to teach and learners to learn.
  • Follow all school policies and rules and understand that whilst in uniform I am an ambassador for the school both in school and on the journey to and from school and must behave sensibly and not bring the school into disrepute.
  • Never bully or intimidate others.
  • Not use my mobile phone in school*
  • Not use social media to make hurtful and derogatory comments about learners or staff in school.

As a school we agree to:

  • Ensure the safety and well being of all our learners.
  • Provide quality teaching that will inspire and challenge our learners and maximise their progress.
  • Challenge language and behaviour that can cause harm to others.
  • Work in partnership with parents and carers.
  • Celebrate our learners’ progress and achievements.
  • Ensure that all teachers and staff have proper and professional regard for the ethos, policies and practices of the school.
  • Regularly communicate with home regarding learners’ progress and behaviour.
  • Regularly set homework using “Show My Homework”

* Please note: The school accepts learners may choose to bring in mobile phones to contact parents/carers whilst travelling to and from school. However, they must NOT be used in school and the school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage incurred to them. Any learner needing to contact home or vice versa must do so via the school telephone. All mobile phones must be switched off and kept out of sight either in the inside blazer pocket or in a school bag. If learners are seen using their mobile phone in school then they will be confiscated and placed in the school safe, to be picked up by their parent/carer the next day, or as soon as possible thereafter.

School Uniform

No jewellery or make-up is to be worn except a watch. If outer coats are worn then they should be  plain black or blue and must not be worn inside the school building.  Hoodies, leather or denim jackets are not allowed and will be confiscated for collection by parents. 


Hairstyles and colours should be such that they do not produce adverse comment from staff, other pupils or the general public or do not represent a health and safety risk.  The Academy Principal is the final arbitrator on what is acceptable.

Our school uniform can be purchased at various retail outlets including PT’S School Wear: www.pts-schoolwear.co.uk , and FR Monkhouse Ltd, The Rock, Bury: www.monkhouse.com

Blazer: Slate Grey

Blouse: White open Neck

Skirt: 4 Pleat Purple Checked

Trousers: Black

Jumper: Grey

Blazer: Slate Grey

Shirt: White Button Neck

Tie: Purple with Logo

Trousers: Black

Jumper: Grey

T-shirt with logo White/Char/Purple

Shorts Purple with logo

Socks Purple

Leggings Black with logo

¼ Zip training top Black with logo

Training Pants black with logo

Equipment Needed for School

Every day you will need:

  • At least 2 pens and 2 pencils
  • A green pen
  • A highlighter
  • Ruler, rubber & pencil sharpener
  • A clear plastic pencil case
  • Scientific calculator (FX83GT)
  • A protractor and compass

Supplied by school:

  • Learner planner
  • Exercise books
  • Text books

Online Payments – SchoolGateway

The payments system can be accessed two ways:

By downloading the schoolgateway app on your mobile – this puts everything in one place for you i.e payments, attendance, reports – please note, your email address and mobile number must match our records. If you are having trouble just contact us and we can check what information we have for your child.


You can also pay by logging into schoolgateway.com

School Meals e-payments service

To make it as easy as possible to pay for school meals, there is an e-payments system which allows you to pay for schools meals over the internet or by phone. The information guide below provides more information.

Bury School Catering ePayments

Our Code of Sporting Conduct

The following code of conduct has been put together to uphold the aims of the PE department at Unsworth Academy and to protect all players, referees and spectators involved in the playing of any sport regardless of whether it is in league games, friendlies or practices.

Each individual is accountable for his/her own actions. Whether playing, watching, or refereeing a match, it is each learner’s personal responsibility to treat all other players; opposition players; teachers, spectators and the referees/umpires with respect before, during and after a match.

Expected minimum standards of behaviour and conduct shall be:

  • Learners should respect the spirit of fair play. This is more than playing within the rules. It also incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always taking part with the right spirit and attitude.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of such individuals as referees/umpires; organisers; teachers; players and spectators.
  • Learners must accept victory and defeat with dignity and set a positive example for others, especially younger learners and spectators.
  • Learners must ensure that they protect all involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and any threatening or intimidating behaviour.
  • Use of foul, sexist, abusive, racist or any prejudicial language will not be tolerated and will result in being dropped from any team for the foreseeable future.
  • All learners are expected to shake hands with opposition players and the referees/umpires before and after a match to show respect as they are representing the school as an ambassador for sport.

GCSE Results 2021


Entering EBacc

EBacc Average Points Score


Grade 5 or above in English & Maths GCSE


Maths 4+ (Standard Pass)

Progress 8 Score

Attainment 8 Score


% Staying in Education or Entering Employment


English 4+ (Standard Pass)

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Location: Unsworth Academy, Parr Lane, Bury. BL9 8LP

Telephone: 0161 796 9820

Email: information@unsworth.shaw-education.org.uk

For general enquiries please ask for Miss Charlotte Allen, Operations Manager

Privacy Policy (excerpt)

Unsworth Academy collects a lot of data and information about our pupils so that we can run effectively as a school.  This privacy notice explains how and why we collect pupils’ data, what we do with it and what rights parents and pupils have. 

Unsworth Academy is an academy within the Shaw Education Trust (“the Trust”), a multi academy trust with 10 academies. The Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee (registration number 09067175) whose registered office is Shaw Education Trust Head Office, Kidsgrove Secondary School, Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove, ST7 4DL. The Trust is the Data Controller for all the academies within the Trust. 

The Data Protection Officer for the Trust is Natalie Kennedy, natalie.kennedy@shaw-education.org.uk.   


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