A reminder to our existing students as to our mobile phone expectations, as well as to our new September intake:

Mobile phones must NOT be used in school. Any learner needing to contact home or vice versa must do so via the school telephone. All mobile phones must be switched off and kept out of sight either in the inside blazer pocket or in a school bag. If learners are seen using their mobile phone in school then they will be confiscated and placed in the school safe, to be picked up by their parent/carer.

In 2017, the DFE commissioned an independent behaviour review of schools cited research by the London School of Economics into use of mobile phones in school which found “the test scores of students aged 16 improved 6.4% after mobile phone use was banned”. The same report describes smartphones as “irresistibly distracting” for students. There are numerous other studies showing similar trends.

At Unsworth Academy, learning comes first. Therefore, school would be grateful if you speak to your child/children to ensure a consistent message is heard from both home and school.